Chubby’s Menu

Chubby’s Menu is an American Ohio-based café and they have got multiple branches in that state as well. Chubby’s Menu is extremely popular for its top-quality American food, excellent customer service and friendly and warm atmosphere. It is a great place to visit with your family for an afternoon lunch or dinner.

What more could you want as a customer? Whether you want a juicy cheese burger or a delicious milkshake, the Chubby’s restaurant has it all and much more as well. So what else does this restaurant offer to everyone? The following are the best items on the Chubby’s Menu.

1231 West 38th Avenue, Denver, CO 80211

Chubby’s Menu

Burgers menu

Burgers are the prime offering of Chubby. Their chefs are well known for grinding their own fresh burgers which makes them taste even more energizing. The Chubby’s burger menu features a wide variety of burgers including the classic American cheese burger, bacon ranch burger, BBQ burger, Pastrami burger, and Cheese steak burger. All the burgers come with lettuce, onions, and tomatoes as well as a generous amount of a unique sauce that enhances the taste of the burger and makes every bite worth it!

1. Dlx Extra Plain$0.255. Grilled Cheese$2.25
2. Jumbo Hotdog$2.506. Double Cheeseburgers$3.50
3. Double Hamburgers$3.007. Cheeseburgers$2.50
4. Hamburgers$2.00


1. Potato$2.758. Egg & Bacon$4.00
2. Egg & Chorizo$4.009. Egg & Bean$3.25
3. Egg & Beef$4.0010. Egg & Potato$3.00
4. Egg & Sausage$4.0011. Steak$3.75
5. Chicken$3.5012. Bean$2.75
6. Egg$2.7513. Beef & Bean$5.25
7. Beef$3.00

Mexican Favorites

Mexican Hamburger Burritos$5.50Mini Burritos$4.50
Double Mexican Burritos$4.75Quesadillas$2.50
Flautas (4)
Includes guacamole, lettuce, tomato.
$7.50Mexican Hotdog
With chili and cheese.
Tostadas$1.50Taco Salad$7.50
Chiles Rellenos$2.50Huevos-Ranchero (One)$6.25

Pop / Horchatas


Sides & Extras

A sandwich or a burger alone does not quite hit the sweet spot if you do not have it with a serving of sides. At Chubbys, you have the luxury of choosing between crispy French fries, house salad, baked beans, coleslaw, scones, mashed potatoes and many more. These sides boast a very refined taste and will complement your burger or sandwich perfectly.

Jalapeno Poppers$3.00Onion Rings$3.00
Red Chilli$4.00Chili$1.50
Extra Chicken$2.00Sour Cream$1.00
Extra Beef$2.00Green Chilli$4.00
Extra Steak$2.00Extra Potatoes$1.25
Extra Chicharones$2.00Smothered Fries$6.25
Tortillas$0.35Extra Beans$1.25
Salsa$0.75French Fries$2.50
Chips & Salsa$4.50Chips & Guacamole$6.00
Smothered Onion Rings$5.00Guacamole$4.50
Chubby's Menu

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Chubby’s Chicken Sandwich Menu

Apart from the burgers, Chubbys offer a broad assortment of delectable chicken sandwiches as well. These sandwiches include juicy and plump chicken breasts that are carefully hand-breaded and perfectly seasoned with Chubbys signature southern spices and herbs.

The buffalo chicken sandwich, chicken jalapeno ranch, and the chicken bacon ranch are the all-time favorites and you are sure to enjoy these mouth-watering treats. You may choose to have your sandwich grilled if you are craving a more unique taste.  If you have a large appetite, you can also go for a sandwich and burger together to really enjoy your meal!

You may have your sandwich home delivered as well if you like. You can check out all the chubby chicken menu prices on their website if you decide to order one of their sandwiches online.


Any food lover knows that a milkshake is a perfect pairing with an American burger or sandwich.  When you dine at Chubbys, you can select from different types of thick and creamy shakes that come in various amazing flavors. Chocolate,butter finger, and strawberry are the more popular options and are delightfully sweet.

The ice cream present in the shake is 100 percent fresh and will satisfy anyone’s sweet tooth. You can also choose from more exotic and premium flavors like mint brownie, cookie dough, banana split and peach cobbler. These shakes have a very refined taste and you will cherish every single sip!

Kids Meals

The Chubbys menu has got you well and truly covered if you are visiting the restaurant with your little one. They offer a variety of appetizing kids meals which your child will thoroughly enjoy. Cheeseburger, chicken nuggets, mini corndog bites and chicken grilled sandwiches are usually the preferred choice for most kids who visit Chubbys.  All the kids meals at Chubbys are served with a small soda and French fries.

Final Verdict

Chubbys is an excellent place to dine if you are craving premium fast food. The Chubby burger menu, Chubby chicken menu, Chubby’s bbq menu and Chubby’s chicken sandwich menu feature a lot of tasty items that your taste buds are sure to enjoy.

You can even call them on their number or order online from their website if you are in the mood for home delivery. Before you place your order, you will be able to see Chubby’s menu prices as well for each item.

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