Terms of Services


Menuresults.com is an informational-rich website that is to govern your use of the following sites by implying certain terms of services.

By reading and accepting the terms of service carefully, your use of the Sites constitutes your agreement to followand be bound by these Terms. One thing that needs to be clearly understood is the terms used in the website.

Any term that says ‘our website’, or, ’us’, ‘we’ are used to represent Menuresults.com. Similarly the terms ‘user’, ‘you’ and ‘your’symbolizes the one person who has been browsing the website under the acceptance of the following terms and conditions.


  1. The site is designed for informational purposes only. Although, you can rely on the given information and services; however in case the inaccuracy, in authenticity occurs, the website owner will not responsible. Under any circumstances, only the user will be liable for his actions.
  2. All the services are allowed only for legal use by individuals or organizations within the legal capacity and authority.
  3. Users must not misuse the Services by knowingly introducing viruses, Trojans, worms, logic bombs, time bomb other material which is not secure for the service provider.
  4. If you are visiting or browsing our Website in any way then you have full authority and you will be fully responsible for every act or omission by you.
  5. If we become aware that any of the users has violated the proprietary rights of any third party, actions will be taken against the user to terminate that user’s access from Digital Services.
  6. The website is not responsible for any links to third-party websites, apps or other services, including social media platforms; as soon as the user leave the sites and enters into another, he’ll be liable for his actions.
  7. Third-party affiliated links provides commission to the company whenever they are used.
  8. We believe in providing services that are licensed to us. If the privacy of our intellectual property is violated, legal and strict actions will be taken under the law.
  9. Our main focus is to protect the personal information of our users without giving access to any inauthentic platforms. Currently, we are not taking any personal information of our users to ensure their confidentiality.
  10. We assure not to share any prohibited content (image, video, and links) to avoid any unlawful activity.
  11. If you think that our website has violated any copyright policy, you can contact us with evidence to take down pointed stuff.
  12. Our website is responsible for maintaining and keeping your credentials safe. Whereas if you’re the one who is giving access to your credentials then we will not held responsible.
  13. You should be an adult or 18 years old to sign up for the website. Under 18 age is prohibited.
  14. With time, it is possible that we might change our basic terms and conditions as we have the authority to update, change, and eliminate any major condition if required. Kindly be careful and read our terms and conditions before using. In case you suffer a loss, we will not be held liable.
  15. Price of menu can be vary as per location or change from restaurant. We gather all menu details from official resources and social sites.

If you want any detailed information on our website and its services, you can contact us. Our website will try to resolve your issues.