New China Menu

The New China Restaurant serves authentic and mouth-watering Chinese cuisine. It offers dine-in and take-out meals made with high-quality ingredients. That, paired with its excellent service, makes it a great place to visit. The volume of the items on the menu is significant, so you can order anything you have in mind.

On top of that, the prices are generally cheap! So essentially, you are getting high-quality food at a cheap price. Seeing so, there’s everything to love about the place. New China is an amazing restaurant, and those who adore Chinese cuisine should definitely give it a visit. A pop of spicy, salty, sour, sweet, and bitter awaits to make a show in your palates.

3920 East Frank Phillips Boulevard, Bartlesville, OK 74006

New China Menu

The New China food menu includes: House specialties, appetizers, soup, fried rice, chow mein and chop suey, noodles, egg foo young and yat gaw mein, sweet and sour, seafood, beef, chicken, pork, moo shu dishes, diet menu, vegetables, chow mai fun, special combination plates, chef’s specialties, and lunch specials. Each of these has at least a dozen items, but the cheapest menu on here is the soup menu.


Boneless Spareribs$4.75Egg Roll$1.10
Fantail Shrimp$4.93Bar-B-Q Sparerib$1.20

New China Menu Soup

The soups are great to order if you want something savory on the side. These dishes are sure to satisfy your hunger for Chinese food.

Mixed Wonton Egg Drop Soup$1.50Consomme with Rice$1.25
Yat Gat Mein (Quart)$3.95Wonton Soup$3.25
Consomme with Noodles$1.25

Fried Rice

Fresh Shrimp Fried$4.35Roast Pork Fried Rice$3.25
Chicken Fried Rice$5.75Beef Fried Rice$4.35

Foo Young

Beef Egg Foo Young$5.25Roast Pork Egg Foo Young$4.85
Vegetable Egg Foo Young$4.50Shrimp Egg Foo Young$7.95
Chicken Egg Foo Young$6.95

New China Buffalo

Buffalo is one location where New China is open. This area is located in New York, as most good restaurants are. The Chinese Buffalo address is as follows:

66 Delaware Ave
Buffalo, NY
(877) 585-1085

If you are in the area, you can certainly drop by and try out a few meals. Once you get a taste, you will know that it is worth it, and you may even consider making frequent visits because you are hooked on the taste. The New China Food menu has diverse food options, and you will see that in a bit.

New China Lunch Menu

Assorted Mixed Vegetable
New China Menu

The New China lunch special menu is available from 11 AM to 3 PM in the Buffalo location. You are enabled to dine in or take out during the time. So, for your lunch break, you’ve got yourself a delectable meal. Furthermore, the prices don’t surpass $6.

  • Chicken With Broccoli
  • Chicken With Mixed Vegetable
  • Shrimp Chow Mein
  • Chicken Chow Mein
  • Assorted Mixed Vegetable
  • Moo Goo Gai Pan
  • Curry Chicken
  • Curry Shrimp 
  • Pepper Steak With Onion 
  • Beef With Broccoli 
  • Pork Egg Foo Young 
  • Shrimp Egg Foo Young 
  • Shrimp With Broccoli 
  • Sweet And Sour Chicken 
  • Sweet And Sour Pork 
  • Pork Lo Mein 
  • Shrimp With Lobster Sauce 
  • Chicken Lo Mein 
  • Shrimp Pork Lo Mein 
  • Chicken With Cashew Nuts 
  • Chicken And Shrimp Combination 
  • Hunan Chicken
  • Hunan Beef  
  • Szechuan Chicken  
  • Szechuan Beef  
  • Beef With Garlic Sauce  
  • Chicken With Garlic Sauce  
  • Kung Po Chicken  
  • Kung Po Shrimp  
  • Sesame Chicken  
  • General Tso’s Chicken  
  • Shrimp With Chili Sauce  
  • Triple Delight  
  • Orange Chicken
  • Boneless Spare Ribs
  • B-B-Q Spare Ribs

If you are a Chinese cuisine lover, you’ve probably heard of these meals before. However, keep in mind that every restaurant prepares food differently, so you are not consuming the same thing from other restaurants. Although it may be the same meal, the kick it gives is different. Different chefs have a certain way of preparing things, and this one is unique in itself.

The Bottom Line

New China is a great Chinese restaurant that is sure to fulfill your urge for Chinese food. It offers everything from Chinese appetizers to chow mai fun and some vegetarian options. You get the most for a low price, so this is a definite place to stop by. So, if you are looking to save some money, this is your place to visit.

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